Gold Membership

Memberships are also available via the new on-line store on the web site.

The Gold Membership awards the client up to 6 hours of office consultation for a one year period.  The introductory retainer rate is $500 (Regularly $1,000).  That puts the expertise, experience, and network power of in your back pocket any time for a year.


A Gold membership come with a gold plaque suitable for display proudly in the office.


“We have several companies opting to start with a membership and then later going for an on site consultation,”  said Lon Winters, President of Print This, Inc., the product really fills a need for potential customers who hesitate to spend several thousand dollars for us to visit, but know they could benefit from our services.  Membership has it’s privileges.  It provides a bit of a safety net for garment decorators - someone to reach out to in an emergency, special project or just some help in general.”

The Gold Membership is transferable to an on site visit as well.