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AccuRIP was built for screen printers, by screen printers. So, when Freehand Graphics custom built their RIP software for inkjet and select OYO devices, they cut-out unneccesary add-ons, building software to fit what screen printers want and need.

The result? RIP software that makes outputting files as halftones and stochastic fast, accurate, and easy.

AccuRIP provides exclusive features, like N-UP Printing, designed to improve productivity and save money through the reduction of expensive consumables.

N-UP Printing, typically reserved for large-format devices, is widely available on any AccuRIP supported device. N-UP Printing automatically "gangs up" smaller images on a single film, creating dramatic savings that more than pay for investing in AccuRIP as a solution.

You're a screen printer - use a RIP designed just for you!