Learning Photoshop CS3

Learning Photoshop CS3

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Basic Skills for Screen, Direct-To-Garment and Dye-Sublimations Printers

Learning Photoshop CS3 is a DVD-ROM loaded with tutorial movies by Dane Clement, owner of Great Dane Graphics. He’s been creating award winning illustrations and designs since 1988. Dane is a regular speaker at all Imprinted Sportswear Shows and a contributing writer for Impressions Magazine.

Geared specifically for screen printers, direct-to-garment printers and dye-sublimation printers, Dane takes you through everything you need to know to get you started. From how to initially set up the application and your workspace, to the tools and palettes, to basic art principles, he will cover all this and more. With 8.45 hours of tutorial movies, by the time you are finished with this training DVD you will have all the basic information you will need to help you start creating artwork like you’ve never done before.

As an added bonus, Dane also includes 14 original layer styles to use and enjoy when creating your designs.

So don’t wait! Learn all that you need to know to start producing money making designs that will bring your customers back time and again!

• Getting Started
• Document Manipulations
• Working with Layers
• Working with Color
• Working with Type
• Creating Your Mark
• Creating Selections
• Using Filters
• Artwork Creations


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"Great for everyone in the art department to learn from or to review!!!" Lon Winters


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