Newman Tension Meter - 1E

Newman Tension Meter - 1E

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No screen printing shop is complete without a Newman Tension Meter, the premier tool for accurate screen tension readings and consistent, clean prints.

The Newman 1E Tension Meter is the only meter in the world with all stainless steel hardened gears, shock-proof industrial grade internal gear movement and all jewel sapphire bearings. This rigorous attention to detail creates a screen tension meter of exceptional quality that will last longer and produce consistent readings every time.

Unlike other mechanical meters, which have non-compound softer brass gears and bushing, the Newman 1E Tension meter is built to last. The meter boasts exceptional shock-resistance, long-term accuracy, and durablity.

The shatterproof crystal facing and heavy-duty protective aluminum housing further solidify the Newmon 1E Tension meter the most durable meter on the market.