Operation Screen Print Kit 1
Operation Screen Print Kit 1
Operation Screen Print Kit 1
Operation Screen Print Kit 1

Operation Screen Print Kit 1

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Operation: Screen Print - Screen Printing Training Series - Mission 1: Killer Black Shirts

Dane Clement and Lon Winters

OPERATION: SCREEN PRINT is a training series geared specifically for screen printers. The first mission - KILLER BLACK SHIRTS - will teach you everything you need from creating artwork properly for black shirts, to separating and printing your positives. But your mission won’t stop there...learn how to prepare screens and go through the entire printing process. Get ready to stock your arsenal of knowledge and be prepared to start shooting out killer black shirts!
Should you accept this mission, you will be equipped with:
• Full-color instructional book filled with images, photos, general information, as well as step by step    lessons from the beginning stages of creating artwork all the way through the screen printing process.
• Two disks loaded with tutorial movies on all the stages of the artwork and screen printing processes.    Creating production-ready artwork, burning screens, setting up the press, inks, meshes...    it’s all there and more.
• Sample black t-shirt with the awesome full-color Tiger Imprint, full-color Operation Screen Print vector logo back print, one-color sleeve print, and tag print.
• 5 Film Positives for you to practice printing your own Tiger shirts using the information you’ll learn.


Over the years we have taken part in numerous trade shows, conducted many seminars, and judged several art
and printing competitions. Many times event participants will point to a specific shirt that catches their attention,
and a good portion of the time the image being identified is a vibrant, realistic, illustration or photorealistic print
on a black garment. We are asked all kinds of questions when it comes to artwork and screen printing, but after
talking to one another we realized that one of the most popular subjects is printing black shirts. This is one of the
motivators that gave us the idea for Operation Screen Print’s Mission I - Killer Black Shirts.
While everyone is immediately drawn to printing black shirts, there is also fear and many will immediately decide
there is no way they can print black shirts themselves. Well, we’re here to tell you, “Yes you can!” We’re going to
shed some light on the mystery of black shirts so that you too can start to create and print your own black shirts.
As with any printing process, you are only as strong as the weakest link. We agree that it is a “garbage in, garbage
out” business. This is most certainly true for black shirt printing. Remember that starting with bad art will
never result in great printing. Each step along the way -- artwork, separations, screen preparation to name a few
-- is of critical importance. With the direction we’ll provide for you in this kit, printing “Killer Black Shirts” does not
have to be rocket science.

A B O U T  T H E  A U T H O R S

Lon Winters-

At the age of 21, Lon Winters was named Production Manager for Ocean Pacific. He learned the screen print industry from the

bottom up, starting his twenty-five plus year career by reclaiming screens. Along the way, he has won more than fifty international

industry awards including many SGIA Golden Image Awards, Printwear & Impressions Recognition and FESPA Honors.

He has served almost fifteen years as an honorary Golden Image Judge, published hundreds of articles & monthly columns

and led several seminars and workshops for an array of industry professionals.

In 2013, Winters was inducted into the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies (ASDPT). An industry leader,

he has consulted on projects large and small throughout the world. He is a developer of processes and is a master creative

problem solver.

Lon is the President of GraphicElephants.com & Print This, Inc. in Elizabeth, Colorado. An International consulting firm and

decorating facility specializing in technical advances, plant design, layout, troubleshooting, productivity and quality analysisproviding

complete garment embellishing solutions.


Dane Clement

Dane Clement has been creating award winning illustrations and designs for over 20 years. In 1991 he started his own company
Great Dane Graphics which specialized in the creation and separation of artwork for the screen printing industry. The
knowledge he has acquired over the years has made him well sought out by screen printing companies worldwide to help get
their art departments working smoothly and efficiently. In 2011 Great Dane Graphics was purchased by GroupeStahl. He continues
to run Great Dane as president as well as serve as the Vice President of Creative for GroupeSTAHL.
Clement has been speaking and writing for the decorated apparel industry since 1987. He is considered an expert on computer
graphics and color separations for textile screen printing, dye sublimation, digital direct-to-garment and heat-applied graphics.
His expertise is shared in articles for Impressions Magazine as well as in seminars throughout the year at Imprinted Sportswear
Shows and SGIA. He also participates as a judge for the Impressions Magazine Impressions Awards, and the SGIA Golden
Image Awards.
He is the author of T-Shirt Artwork Simplified, a how-to book on creating artwork for decorating apparel.
Operation Screen Print Kit 1
Operation Screen Print Kit 1