Special Effects & Advanced Screen Printing Seminar

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Graphic Elephants is an awarding winning Garment Embellishment Solutions Company like none other in the screen printing industry and now they have teamed up with Ryonet, the cutting edge leader in the screen printing supply market, to produce the ultimate Advanced Screen Printing and Special Effects Seminar. Now you can experience this highly informative seminar in the comfort of your own home in this two disk DVD set. This quintessential instructional dvd covers:

(Chapters) Disk 1 1: An introduction to the DVD 2: Thorough Classroom Instruction 3: Screen Department Background 4: Screen Department Instruction 5: Applying Eumlsion 6: Applying Capillary Film 7: Newman Roller Frames 8: Shur-Loc Panels 9: Printing One Color (high tension) 10: Intro to Automatic Printing

Disc 2 1: All Over Print Part 1 2: High Density Ink Printing 3: HD Clear Printing 4: HD Clear and Glitter Printing 5: Wallpaper Brush Technique 6: Tricks with Foil 7: Granite Base Ink Printing 8: Wallpaper Brush on Automatic 9: Mixed Ink and Discharge Print 10: Specialty Techniques 11: All Over Print Part 2 and Conclusion

With nearly FOUR HOURS of instruction Graphic Elephants and Ryonet have created a seminar that is unparalled in the industry. Stuffed full of tips, tricks, and techniques that will put your printing skills years ahead of the competition. Can you afford not to own this DVD?

Here is a small video about Print This, Inc., and Lon Winters, the teacher on the DVD.


Item Comments:

"This DVD will get your gears turning and put you ahead of the game." Lon Winters


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